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[Dec 14, 2008 * 7:31pm]


I hope it's ok that i'm posting twice today. I get a strange pleasure at manually coding html and have some free time. Here are some pictures i took on my recent trip to London (I'm from Spain) that i thought you might like to look at. Enjoy!

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[Dec 14, 2008 * 7:06pm]


Here are some old pictures and some new pictures. All taken by me, except the ones in black and white. Sorry about the different sizes. Hope you enjoy them.

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[Nov 30, 2008 * 1:47pm]


Hi! All pictures taken by me. Please, enjoy :)

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Flowers: [Sep 18, 2008 * 11:30am]


Skyscapes: [Sep 17, 2008 * 11:43am]


Sea Creatures: [Sep 16, 2008 * 12:41pm]


Butterfly Series: [Sep 9, 2008 * 3:51pm]

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[Jul 23, 2008 * 10:15pm]

on one side of the bench, we sat.

i have not felt as alive as i did opposite you today in the park for a long time, ice cream in our hands and conversation leaping from mouth to ear. if this buzz, this dizzyness, this fire under my skin and sparks from a girl is what being alive, breathinglovinglaughinglife, is then how dare i have ever felt like not wanting another day on this earth before? the grass could crawl up my legs and ladybirds perch on my toes, the sun could turn me pink and sweat collect in a pool on my back but i wouldn't leave. the time would always run too fast. every cell every heartbeat every thought that i produce is what i have become over the years and i bloom, i cry, i move on, i hold hands and plan the future. things are okay. i have struggled with an eating disorder, my love committed suicide on me, my mother was paralysed from a stroke. these amongst other things have been ruining me slowly and enticing me to sleep at night. who would think i could feel this ripe and flowery from a summer smiling outpour of thoughts on both our parts.

what makes you feel alive?
what dreams do you have for your future?

fade into you [May 24, 2008 * 7:30pm]

[ mood | loved ]

this is an old song, but it still manages to choke me up everytime. :'(

it's just so romantic... at least, it sounds romantic. i'm not sure about the lyrics.


coz you can never have enough sad poetry [Jan 29, 2008 * 9:43pm]

we're watching television
we're two people in love
we're laughing at the television and i think my heart is breaking
and there's a pain in my head
and it feels like a tiny chainsaw

read a poem to me something sad something with tinted nuance
no one will understand it

the whole world will understand me if i repeat myself enough
but the whole world's hearing is superficial and flighty
will you kiss my nipple
i'll moan
i'm half edible anyways
and there is a pain in my head
and it feels like eating a cantaloupe

read a poem to me something about sex something that makes me feel young again
no one will grasp my perception of it
i don't think

when i told you i had no boyfriend
i told you about a beach too
and some birds
and you didn't concentrate
and you said some other things
and there is a pain in my head
and it feels like a reversible trenchcoat

there are no other boys
only oragami birds
there are no other boys
only oragami birds
there are no other boys
only oragami birds
i'm half edible

we are having sex in the tall grass and it feels like the edge of the world
we are swimming from leaf to leaf
will you bite my nipple
i'll slap your face
and nothing i say is really what i want to say
so i can only repeat that
and it feels like a sweet wind in a sky with oragami birds

in the center of chaos (edited) by brandon scott gorrell

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